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Product Overview

  • PreTrain NRG is designed as a supplement to take before your training sessions to improve your focus, energy, and quality fo your sessions.
  • PreTrain NRG includes acetyl L-carnitine and caffeine to give you the energy and the mental focus for a good quality training session.
  • Meanwhile, creatine and Peak ATP are fantastic for providing the fuel your muscles need to contract and work in training, so this can benefit your strength and power outputs.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • This would be a supplement to consider if you wanted to improve your mental alertness and focus during a training session, perhaps the quality of your training has dropped recently. It could be used as an alternative to having a coffee pre-workout, as it also provides extra ingredients Peak ATP, acetyl L-carnitine and creatine, making it super to coffee.
  • Another strategy might be that this supplement is only reserved for the hardest 1-2 training sessions of the week where you need the most focus, concentration and energy, while the less strenuous sessions you carry on with your normal pre-training meal or routine.
  • This supplement is not a substitute for bad recovery, sleep or eating, as these factors also need to be in good order to improve your training sessions.

Recommended Usage and Guidelines

Taking this supplement 15-30min pre-training will give you the benefits for the training session. However, for best all-round health it would be ideal to train in the morning or before the late afternoon, this is because caffeine can still be circulating in the body for hours after taking it, thus affecting sleep.

The serving size is 2 teaspoons (7g).



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