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Keto-Nootropic™ 540g powder


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Product Description

Product Overview

  • This supplement is designed to help you focus for longer by improving a process called Ketogenesis and also by using Nootropics.
  • Firstly, it is important to understand what Ketogenesis and Nootropics mean. Ketogensis is when the body uses fats as its primary source of fuel with very little carbohydrate intake, while a Nootropic is something which enhances your mental (cognitive) function.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • The main ingredient to look at is Beta-Hydroxyburyrate, which is a ‘Ketone’, a fat fuel source, which can be used by muscles and the brain, and most cells in the body can utilise ketones. This is what will be the main ingredient in this supplement which is actively used by your brain to fuel cognitive tasks for example
  • This would be appropriate if you are on, or are moving onto a Ketogenic diet with very little carbohydrates, the Ketones in this supplement could provide fuel that you need during the change in nutritional approach you are taking.
  • This would be something to consider using if you might be faced with periods where you are unable to eat but need to remain focussed. It is also very handy since it comes in powder form you can easily mix it with a drink of water.
  • Following from the previous point, any busy professionals could use this during conferences or long meetings, the sustained energy will benefit their mental performance and also help to manage any blood sugar drops which would happen if they did not eat anything.
  • It may be of use for athletes in long training sessions as it would provide fuel and help them maintain focus, something which could be of use for longer training sessions.

Recommended Usage and Guidelines

The suggested dose is a scoop (18g) in water, the amount of water depends how diluted you want your drink to be. This could be taken 1-2 times per day depending on your schedule or needs, and taking this supplement would have to be considered against your diet and whether you are Ketogenic or planning on going to Keto. Consulting a practitioner or nutritionist to get individual advice would be worthwhile in deciding if this supplement is for you.


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