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GI Microb-X™ 120 caps


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Product Overview

  • Our gut needs to have a wide array of microorganisms to be as healthy as possible, throughout our lifetime many things can reduce this ‘microbiome’, such as toxins in food or water, stress, ageing, poor diet, and illness. G.I Microb-X is a botanical blend of ingredients which help to diversify the gut microbiome to maximise digestive health.
  • This would be something to consider if you are trying to lose body fat, as gut health is important to digest nutrients properly and for our metabolism.
  • The gut is also integral to immune health, over 70% of the immune system is contained in the digestive tract, so supporting gut health can help with proper immune function.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • This is a pure botanical blend of ingredients for the gut and is designed to be more of a support formula.
  • This supplement is more for those who want to ensure their gut is in good condition, this isn’t necessarily designed to help specific G.I issues, rather it is so that you know your gut microbiome has a wide range of bacteria so it can function properly.
  • Gastromend-HP, for example, could be used after stomach ulcers or with illnesses, whereas this supplement G.I Microb-X is more to cover your bases and help diversify the micro-organisms in your gut.

Recommended Usage and Guidelines

Taking 1 capsule per day on an empty stomach is the suggested dose, but this could be increased depending on your individual gut health.



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