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Product Overview

  • Our bodies need cholesterol, but a build of the wrong type of cholesterol and in the wrong places can lead to various diseases.
  • For optimal health we ideally want to have more of type of cholesterol called ‘HDLs’ than another type called ‘LDLs’, this is because HDLs do a better job of taking away excess cholesterol from our arteries which helps our circulation, blood pressure, etc…
  • Foresterol would be a supplement for someone who knows that they need to improve their cholesterol profile, this would have been after some testing by a doctor. If your profile has too much total cholesterol or LDLs, then you should talk to your doctor about considering Foresterol as a natural supplement to help improve your cholesterol profile.
  • This product would be specific to those who are seeking to improve their cholesterol levels.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

  • Foresterol uses a mixture of plant-derived compounds, called phytosterols to manage cholesterol effectively.
  • This supplement ensures we get enough of these phytosterols to actually affect cholesterol positively. It is sourced from the tall oil of coniferous pine trees.

Recommended Usage and Guidelines

Designs for Health recommend 1 soft gel with 3 meals per day, though doses may vary depending on individual circumstances, so for specific advice please consult a practitioner.

This supplement can be used alongside other cholesterol medication, but make sure to let your physician know of this. To achieve optimal health, any supplement should be part of a wider plan which includes some exercise, and ideally weight-based training too.

*Anyone with a pine allergy should avoid this product, and pregnant women should consult their doctor.


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