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Product Description

Product Overview

  • DGL Synergy is a fast acting chewable product, designed to help with digestive issues.
  • This would help anyone who suffers with stomach pain, flatulence, or bloating. You may find you get this at most meals or it may only be from particular foods, in either case the gut needs to be supported to digest the food content, as the symptoms above show that gut issues are going on.
  • If you have stomach ulcers, the Licorice and Glycine in DGL Synergy can help to repair and smooth the stomach lining, with Licorice being a commonly used substance to treat ulcers.

Key Ingredients and Benefits

DGL Synergy contains 2 ingredients which are noteworthy:

  • Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice (DGL) which helps repair and form stomach lining, soothes the throat, diversifies gut bacteria, and
  • Glycine has similar benefits in that it helps to line the gut, but it also helps with bile production which breaks down fats and also removes some waste products from the body.

Recommended Usage and Guidelines

Designs for Health suggest 2 chewables, once per day, with a meal. Though the dose will depend on whether you have stomach ulcers or get other stomach issues like gas or bloating, for example the suggested dose could be doubled if you have stomach ulcers.

Please consult a practitioner for advice on your particular issue.

Additional Information

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