Featured Supplement: Chlorella

Here at Human Performance Hub, we are big fans of the supplement Chlorella. Wolfgang Unsold was the first coach to introduce us to this supplement over 18 months ago and we have since seen great results from its use.

What is Chlorella?

Native to Asia, chlorella is an algae cousin to spirulina. It has a rich green colour from its high chlorophyll content and usually comes in tablet form. It is high in protein, B vitamins, magnesium and zinc.

What are the health benefits of Chlorella?

Chlorella has many health-boosting benefits such as:
  1. Detoxification – especially heavy metals such as Lead, cadmium, mercury
  2. Fat loss – with improved detoxification comes increased metabolism hence fat loss
  3. Immune boost – lower toxicity means lower inflammation and so less stress on the immune system
  4. Better energy – chlorella is a great supplier of B vitamins which are fantastic for energy.
There are many different forms of chlorella but the ones we supply here at Human Performance Hub are:
  • Chlorenergy
  • Chlorella Pyrenoidosa
  • Chlorella Vulgaris
  • Chlorella complex
These all vary in their strengths and effects on the body, please contact the team if you’d like to find out more. Buy Chlorenergy

Always speak with your physician or other healthcare professional before taking any nutritional & lifestyle changes or before taking any nutritional supplement. For more information, please view our terms and conditions.

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