How to Detox from the Inside Out and Banish Toxins

Detox diets, cleanses, and therapies are all the trend today. But the message isn’t new. 

People have used different detoxification practices to purge the body of foreign invaders for centuries. However, the prevalence of the current detox trend reflects, in part, the ever-increasing amounts of toxins in our modern world. And we know for sure that a cumulative toxic burden, if not addressed, can lead to serious health issues. 

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Foundation Series: Nutrition

Nutrition is the catalyst to great health, strength and body composition. Nutrition is not only important for physical goals (i.e fat loss) but also for more health and lifestyle-oriented goals (for example better focus, energy, detoxification, and blood sugar control).

What we do in training needs to be matched by how we eat and recover, and the saying “we are what we eat” still holds true.

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Foundation Series: Gut and Brain

The body is very highly connected and there is a link between the organs of the gut and the brain which is termed the ‘Gut-Brain Axis’. The link between the two works both ways, the gut and the things we digest can affect our brain function and similarly stresses to the nervous system can affect our gut. Research in this area originated in around 2004, and since has gained a lot of momentum in the scientific community (1), and can impact your health in numerous ways.

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